Silently Gasping
Sometimes, I draw.
Let's be friends.
This theme has so many options, it's confusig and I have no idea what to put here :D

Wendy protecting Webber from Abigail.

Because I haven’t drawn these babies in a while.

I tried again and was able to get this one saved to the website

I like the red one better tho T:

I drew this on RMD, but when I went to save it to the website it got all fucked up like someone had rearranged layers and I was like what the shit

So that sucks

Good thing I saved it as png first

So I felt like being nice and stuff and drew some freebies on gaia

The gurgling one is my avatar


17. Beaten up

This one was a little heartbreaking to draw because Happy actually comes from an abusive house hold ):


5. In underwear

Because apparently people want to see my OCs in underwear

Meme listed here

Commission for arget-normand

I dream you’re still here by SilentxTime

Sometimes you just need to draw a ridiculous amount of hair that doesn’t make sense

Sometimes I like to open programs I never use and see what I can do with them.

I downloaded Firealpaca once upon a time but then never touched it because I didn’t have the patience to try it.

But now i finally did things.

and it’s 3 am. So goodnight.